Mike Rees


As long as I can remember I had an interest in martial arts, watching Bruce Lee films , Monkey & KungFu . 

It was at the age of 24 I had my first lesson under Sensei Roger Sayce & immediately knew that Shotokan Karate was for me .

" the more you put in , the more you get out" is so true with karate.

After gaining my 1st dan in 2004 , Sensei Simon Thompson gave his permission for me to open a dojo in my hometown.
From seeing a beginner gaining their first belt to a senior being crowned European champion has been some of my proudest moments.

After gaining my 2nd dan in 2008 I was invited to try out for the Welsh Squad . This was to be another huge learning curve & one that I will never forget .
The information I gained was invaluable & still work on it's basis !

Shotokan Karate has no end !
Train to grade
Train to compete
Train to train .

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