We would love you to come and join us, weather you’re a complete beginner or experienced martial artist everybody is welcome.  The minimum age is 4 years old, although his depends on your child’s ability to concentrate as all children are different.

To join merely turn up to one of the classes and talk to the club administrator or the senior instructor who will answer any questions you might have.  Your first session merely requires you to wear loose fitting cloths, preferably of a sporting nature, we train in bare feet so shoes are not important.  To find your nearest club see the venue details  

Your first session is completely FREE as a taster session so you can get a feel of what is involved, always better to come and give it a go as opposed to just watching, everybody is very friendly and are you perfectly safe as you will defiantly not do anything which is above your expected level or ability.

All our instructors are fully qualified Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB)  instructors holding the required karate instructor NVQ’s and are graded at black belt with many years of experience.  All instructors have CRB checks.  For more details about our instructors see the senior instructor profiles

Membership to Tekki RS Karate clubs is completely free of charge although you must apply for membership annually for administrate purposes.  Each session is £4 for 1.5 hours session and is payable before each session.  After 4 session you will be required obtain KUGB membership and insurance which can be done online at the KUGB Website and in time a karate suit can be purchased which we can assist in organising for you.

Grading’s (examinations for new colour belts) happen every 3 months and you will be allowed tot take the examination if the instructor thinks your ready.  All KUGB clubs use external examiners who are made up from the most senior KUGB instructors, we believe that this external system is the only way that quality and impartialness can be achieved.

 Just Turn up and talk to use we can explain anything you want to know and answer any questions you might have :-)

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