Andrew Jones


My Karate journey begin in 1992, shortly after I turned 16 and decided that I wanted to “do karate”.  I still think I was incredibly lucky that the first dojo I enrolled in was the KUGB club run by the late Sensei Roger Sayce.  I quickly grew to love the training and so initially training twice a week quickly developed into training as often as possible in the Aberystwyth and Aberaeron Dojos. 

Karate has never come easily to me and I attribute any success that I’ve had to a quiet determination to keep training and to improve myself by tiny margins each time I train.  I would say that my biggest karate achievement was passing my Sandan grading in 2009 after almost 5 years of work to refine my technique and develop my attitude to the required level.

It’s a great privilege to be considered one of Tekkis senior instructors and always enjoy the process of breaking down technique in order to find a way to teach it to others – often using my own struggles over the years as a theme!  There is always something more to learn and I’m currently finding massive inspiration in the study of the ideas and techniques presented within the kata we have in our system.

I’m proud of our club, our people, our values and I continue to train with Tekki always learning something new about the art and hope to carry on for many more years.

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