Simon Thompson

ProfileSimonI started training with Sensei Roger Sayce in 1988 at Aberystwyth Karate Club and apart from my university years I have always taken a very active role in the club.  The karate bug quickly struck me, and while young and without responsibilities I was training 6 times a week. I always look back on the numerous road trips instigated by Sensei Sayce with great fondness and believe it shaped my total commitment to karate and the KUGB.  Although spending several years on Welsh squad and representing my club at competitions for many years I don’t claim to have gained many medals, however I am very proud to have been awarded Birmingham University colours for representing the university in karate at a high level, and I’ve always believed that I provided excellent practice for squad members to hone their skills.

Following the premature departure of Sensei Sayce I took over Aberystwyth/Aberaeron SKC which by then had adopted the name of TEKKI SKC, later renamed to TEKKI RS in memory of our inspirational founder.  I endeavour to continue to run the club in the manner that Sensei would have wanted.

TEKKI RS now has 5 Dojo’s covering mid and South Wales and continues to play a key role in the Welsh International Squad’s and in KUGB Wales.  Teaching and witnessing how people go beyond the limitations they perceive is very rewarding, and given its endless nature keeps the job interesting, as well as challenging.

I became a KUGB fully qualified referee in 2006 and in 2010 qualified as an ESKA (european level) and WSKA (world level) referee, representing Wales in these international events.  In 2011 I took on the responsibility of Welsh Regional officer for KUGB Wales and enjoy helping the region grow and shaping the KUGB.


I still train very hard with KUGB senior instructors and continue to be inspired, to learn, to be humbled but most of all to be encouraged to achieve.  To my KUGB friends I would just like to say “One More!!”








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